Barbara Larmon Failing

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Author Visits

Howdy Pardners!
I love visiting schools and libraries.
Here are some of my presentations:

School Assemblies
Class Presentations
Parent Programs
PTA Meetings
Story Time

The parent program, “Raising Readers,”
focuses on how to instill the love of reading in children as well as activities to extend reading enjoyment. Slides, handouts and audience involvement are included.

The school assembly,
“Ya-hoo-a-roo for Reading!”

describes a writer’s life and explains the publishing process using slides, props and audience participation.

The K-3rd class presentation,
“Ya-hoo-a-roo for Reading!”
describes a writer's life and explains the publishing process using props and audience participation. Story time included.

The 3rd-6th class presentation,
“Ya-hoo-a-roo for Writing!”
focuses on writing/editing and how a manuscript becomes a book using slides, props and audience participation. 

“Story Time with Lasso Lou and Cowboy McCoy”
Story time with a cowboy craft and song.

All presentations can be customized to fit specific group needs.