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Our life has been on the move since 1998 when my husband joined the US Public Health Service. As a result, we've lived in Cape May, Cape Cod, Ketchikan, AK, Valley Ford, CA and now Bartlesville, OK.

Although moving can be disruptive with hundreds of details to attend to (not to mention the hundreds of boxes that need to be unpacked each time we head to a new city...), living in a variety of places all over this great country of ours has been such a blessing.

Life in
Valley Ford, California

In June 2012, we moved from Alaska to Valley Ford, California. This small town in Sonoma County is 7 miles from Bodega Bay (or Blowdega Bay as the locals like to say because of the fierce winds blowing off the ocean...).

Here is my friend, Cow # 92. She's one of hundreds of "teenagers" who hung out on the farm we lived on in Sonoma County.

The days here were sunny and warm, and the evenings were cool when the fog banks moved in.  I took these photos early one morning. They reminded me of an English pastoral scene.

There was a lot to do and explore here. To the west is the ocean. To the east is Sonoma and Napa known for their many wineries. Just north is the Russian River, a spot for kayaking and more wineries. And south is the great city of San Francisco, home of those very happy World Series winners, the Giants.

Life in Ketchikan, Alaska

We had the terrific experience of living in Ketchikan, Alaska from 2008 - 2012.

Ketchikan is a city built into a cliff. The hills are very steep. Some homes have 50 or more stairs to their front door. Some streets are so steep that they are staircases instead.

Ketchikan is located in the Tongass National Fores
t, the largest national forest in the US and the largest intact temperate rain forest in the world.

The weather there can quickly change from sunny to heavy rain. The mist can be seen in the mountains even when the sun is shining. The sound of rushing water – from the frequent rain and from snow melting in the mountains  - is heard in many neighborhoods.

Bears, eagles, whales, deer, red squirrels, and seals are among the wildlife seen in Ketchikan.

I never tired of looking out at the mountains and sky. Even though it rained a lot, I loved the variety of clouds and mist. Life in Alaska was an amazing adventure.  I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to live in this great state. Here's my blog about life in Ketchikan: