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My Family
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My family loves to hike, bike, ski, play tennis and just generally enjoy the outdoors.

We just completed an amazing drive across this wonderful country of ours. We had a great trip with only a few flat tires! One of our favorite places was Scottsbluff, Nebraska, where we hiked to the top of the monument.

This was a long, hot hike. The trail seemed to go on and on - and up and up. There was even a passageway through the mountains to where the trail continued on the other side.

But when we got to the top, the view was worth it!

Ketchikan has many great places to hike. Here are some that we like:

Rainbird Trail


                                                                                                   Deer Mountain

                       Ward Lake

One of my all-time-favorite places is the Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, NY. Here we are quite a few years ago, with my mother-in-law, Louise Failing, having just finished a feverish croquet game. Chautauqua Lake is in the background where we're probably headed to cool off.

We've been renting a house in Chautauqua for one of the season's nine weeks for many years. The trip begins with a stop-off at the Quality Market in Mayville to pick up some provisions. (Last year we had ten minutes before it closed to zoom around getting groceries...) Then it's back on the road where the first one to spot the lake gets an ice cream cone from the Refectory.

About the time we finish unloading all the stuff we need for the week - including bikes (because we park our car in the lot outside the gates and walk or bike everywhere), tennis rackets, books, games, Grandpa's scooter, etc. we're exhausted and ready for some chicken wings we brought along from Tony's in Utica. Then it's off to the amphitheater for the nightly concert. The week is a non-stop feast of activity from tennis to sailing to picnics to lectures to games to music...